Consultant & Trip Captain


Hailing from Bangalore and fluent in all South Indian languages, Kushalaja comes with  professional expertise of working in companies such as Wipro, TCS, Cisco & HSBC. Currently  with Ernst & Young, her career has spanned 14 years as Operation/ Transition  and Project Manager.


While being professionally engaged her unquenchable hunger for travel led her to take an active role for the past 4 years as Outdoor Trek Leader and Trip Captain for travel companies GetBeyondLimits and TheeBeauties.

Kushi, as she is popularly known, has never curbed her passion for traveling. She is equally captivated by the people she meets and the beautiful locales she gets to travel to. For her both people and nature are handiwork of the Creator and she values them highly.


Kushi's zeal for creating bespoke itineraries has earned her admiration among friends. She inspires through her adventurous spirit and her unfailing enthusiasm for exploring new places. Her bubbly nature and the ability to connect to people makes her a great guide and mentor for any travel group.



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